Building a Case in a Virtual Environment

Combining technology with the most effective jury consultants in the industry. 

We are innovating the industry. Using virtual technology like video remote meetings with document-sharing capabilities, a focus group can proceed remotely and quickly in a cost-efficient manner. Improve the story of your case and effectiveness of your exhibits by testing them with a real group of people. Get results instantly—without even leaving the comfort of your home or office. Use technology to take your firm to the next level. Enter the real courtroom with data-driven confidence and see the results in your verdicts. 

We can also perform traditional online trial surveys using large sample sizes, which can be useful for developing jury selection profiles and testing the impact of a specific piece of evidence or argument.

Sonia Chopra, Ph.D.

Sonia has 20 years of experience in high profile trials and has been part of trial teams that achieved some of the highest verdicts in California and in Las Vegas, including for Brian Panish, Mark Robinson, and other prominent trial lawyers whose verdicts with her include: $2 billion against Monsanto, $417 million against Johnson & Johnson, and $160.5 million in Las Vegas for a traumatic brain injury.

Lisa Blue, Ph.D.

Lisa is not only an accomplished trial lawyer, but is also a world renowned jury consultant. She was an essential part of trial teams with Mark Lanier and other prominent trial lawyers whose verdicts include: $4.69 billion against Johnson & Johnson, $247 million against DePuy Orthopaedics Inc., and $258 million against Merck.

Melissa Galvis & Mercedes Valero

Mercedes Valero and Melissa Galvis are the co-founders of MVG Recruiting Services, a women-owned nationwide recruiting company specializing in legal focus groups, mock juries, and shadow juries.