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About Us

With Athea Trial Lawyers, we have harnessed together for the first time the boundless legal talents, creativity and energy of some of the most successful trial lawyers in the country into one powerhouse firm with a common important goal: to ensure that women trial lawyers succeed. We work with men and women throughout the country who are committed to utilizing our profession’s most underused and greatest untapped resource–and to encourage women to come out of the shadows to step into the spotlight. The verdicts, success records, and leadership of the Athea Trial Lawyers speak volumes about the power of women in the courtroom and in the legal profession.

We chose Athea Trial Lawyers as the name of our firm because Athea was the Greek goddess of wisdom, courage, inspiration, law and justice, and strategic warfare. Throughout history, she has been hailed as the champion of heroic endeavors. Athea supports those fighting for a just cause–as well as those who use cunning and intelligence rather than brute strength.

With advances in technology and recent current events, the practice of law has evolved and adapted to our changing times. Gone are the notions of traditional brick-and-mortar law firms. At Athea Trial Lawyers, we offer so much more than traditional legal services. We look beyond the walls of traditional law firms to collaborate with the best lawyers in cases. We have assembled an advisory board and have alliances with numerous entities to ensure that every need of our clients and other attorneys are met in creative and effective ways. Our case workshops are vital to distilling the facts of a case to find a compelling story and visual graphics to tell that story. Through Athea trial services, we provide Slide Girl and Virtual Courtroom that are essential to any case prior to trial.

Our lawyers are known for thinking out of the box in creative ways to bring our clients’ stories to life in the courtroom. That is why our unique team has obtained some the of the largest and astounding verdicts and settlements in the country. We look forward to working with our clients and all who fight for a just cause. We will use the wisdom, strength, and creativity of Athea to inspire heroic victories in the courtroom.


Meet Our Attorneys


Deborah Chang

California, Florida, Connecticut


Randi McGinn

New Mexico


Zoe Littlepage



Lisa Blue



Charla Aldous

Texas, Oklahoma


Bibi Fell


This is dedicated to all the women lawyers who bravely came before us, and to future generations of women lawyers who will undoubtedly come after us; and

To all the women who dreamed of making a difference in the world by working on important cases and having an active role in significant trials; and

To all the women who were constantly told “no” when they sought to have more active roles in these types of cases, at trial, or in their firms; and

To all the women who did not believe in themselves because they were told they were not good enough; and

To all the women who know that given the right funding, support, and experience, women trial lawyers obtain record-setting verdicts and settlements; and

To all the women who seek a sisterhood with other like-minded women for camaraderie, advice, assistance, mentorship, guidance and motivation; and

To all the young, fearless girls throughout the country who will grow up knowing and understanding that they have an important place in the law and in the courtroom; and

To all our male counterparts, including our trial heroes and the titans in this industry, who believe in us and share our commitment to ensure that women succeed and flourish at trial and in the legal profession.

Athea Trial Lawyers is here because of all of you.

“Behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women, who have her back.”

Athea Trial Lawyers is your tribe, and we will always have your back.


The Olive Branch


The olive tree is the sacred tree of the goddess Athea. The olive branch also symbolizes victory and a willingness to bring conflict to conclusion. This particular olive branch carries six olives, one for each of the six founding women. The branch, which thrives in even the most harsh environments, points and moves upward, because Athea Trial Lawyers lift one another up and rise to every challenge with courage.

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