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What happens when six of the most successful women trial lawyers in the country join together for justice?

Billions of dollars in verdicts and settlements.
Record-setting verdicts throughout the country.

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Named Among 2021 Best Law Firms by US News & World Report

In its first year, Athea Trial Lawyers is honored to have been ranked among the “Best Law Firms” by U.S. News & World Report  and Best Lawyers.  The firm is recognized with a Regional Tier 1 Firm ranking – the highest ranking a firm can receive – in the area of Personal Injury Litigation. Law firms included in the 2021 Best Law Firms list are recognized for professional excellence with consistently impressive ratings from clients and peers.  Achieving a tiered ranking signals a unique combination of quality law practice and breadth of legal expertise as well as a reflection of the high level of respect a firm can earn among other leading lawyers and clients in the same communities and practice areas.

To be eligible for a ranking, a firm must have a lawyer recognized first in The Best Lawyers in America, which recognizes the top five percent of practicing attorneys in the U.S.

The rigorous evaluation process includes peer reviews from leading attorneys in their field as well as the collection of client and lawyer evaluations based on the following criteria: responsiveness, understanding of a business and its needs, cost-effectiveness, integrity and civility, as well as whether they would refer a matter to the firm and/or consider the firm a worthy competitor.


Rewriting Herstory One Verdict at a Time


Deborah Chang

California, Florida, Connecticut


Randi McGinn

New Mexico


Zoe Littlepage



Lisa Blue



Charla Aldous

Texas, Oklahoma


Bibi Fell


They change history. They journey without hesitation into uncharted territory to transform the way we think and practice law. They help trial attorneys craft a better case, build a better story, and achieve success for their clients. They obtain huge verdicts and settlements. By supporting, mentoring, and promoting women, they make the legal profession a better place.

With the harnessed spirit of the goddess Athea, the founders and attorneys of Athea Trial Lawyers achieve heroic victories in prominent cases with record-setting verdicts. This is an alliance of unstoppable and highly respected female trial lawyers collaborating on cases and educating their peers.

Be a part of herstory.


Our Verdicts & Settlements

$ 0
$ 0
Medical Malpractice Wrongful Death
$ 0
Traumatic Brain Injury
$ 0
Defective Prescription Drug
$ 0
Medical Fraud Verdict
$ 0
Defective Hormone Therapy
$ 0
Wrongful Implant of Pacemaker
$ 0
Asbestos Mesotheliom
$ 0
Truck Collision Injuries
$ 0
Amputation of Leg
$ 0
Defective Prescription Drug
$ 0
Dangerous Roadway
$ 0
Truck Accident
$ 0
Rezulin: Liver Failure
$ 0
Settlement for Products Liability
$ 0
Wrongful Death of Child
$ 0
Dangerous Roadway Condition
$ 0
Wrongful Death of a Teenager
$ 0
Traumatic Brain Injury
$ 0
Wrongful Death of Adult Son
$ 0
Wage & Hour Class Action
$ 0
Products Liability Tank Settlement
$ 0
Defective Prescription Drug
$ 0
Hormone Replacement Cancer
$ 0
Leg Amputation
$ 0
Unsecured Truck Equipment Collision
$ 0
Defective Hormone Drug
$ 0
Motorcycle Accident Leg Injury
$ 0
Traumatic Brain Injury
$ 0
Wrongful Birth
$ 0
Auto vs. Bike Collision


Our Mission

In the legal profession and at trial, women are stepping out of the shadows and into the spotlight.

We provide unparalleled legal representation to our clients.

We build a winning case through expert storytelling and experience.

We work with other attorneys to obtain the highest verdicts or settlements at any stage. 

We fund, support, mentor and promote female trial attorneys to take lead roles in prominent cases.

We find creative ways to tell your case story with
memorable, eye-catching graphics and demonstratives with our brainstorming techniques and in-house design team, Slide Girl.

We create and promote workshops for our peers to craft the perfect approach in trial.

We look beyond the walls of traditional brick and mortar law firms to promote and advance women in our courtrooms.

We invest in the future of others to create monumental change.


Practice Areas

Motorcycle Accidents

When a motorcyclist is struck by a vehicle, catastrophic injuries can occur.

Premises Liability

Owners of public spaces are required to ensure their properties are safe for all visitors.


Death or injuries caused by electric shock can occur at work, at home, and in the public.

Truck & Transportation Liability

Negligence can destroy a life in seconds.

Government Liability

Our governments have a responsibility to keep public property safe for all visitors.

Catastrophic Injuries

Burdens placed on loved ones after a life-changing event can cause emotional trauma.


Partial and complete amputations can happen as the result of a catastrophic accident.

Product Liability

When products you use every day fail, serious injury or complications can occur.

Traumatic Brain Injuries

Injury to the brain can cause multifaceted symptoms requiring long-term treatment.

Sexual Assault/Harassment

Taking decisive action restores your power and protects your future.

Toxic Tort

Exposure to toxic chemicals or dangerous substances can cause long-term injury.

Fire & Explosions

These disasters cause catastrophic repercussions and life-altering consequences.


Our Advisory Board

We have assembled some of the greatest trial lawyers and legal minds in the industry who are united by a common goal:  the success of women lawyers in the courtroom and in the legal profession.

Danica Crittendon
Shernoff Bidart Echeverria
Robert Francavilla Casey Gerry
Micha Star Liberty
Liberty Law
Ellen Pansky
Pansky Markle
Ibiere Seck
Seck Law, P.C
Robert Simon
The Simon Law Group
Christine Spagnoli
Greene Broillet & Wheeler
Sandra Ribera Speed
Ribera Law


What People Are Saying About Athea Trial Lawyers

What a fantastic resource for the plaintiff’s bar. This is a brain-trust like no other I have seen in the legal field. I would trust these lawyers—and would welcome their help—in any case or trial.

Rick Friedman
Friedman | Rubin, PLLP, Bremerton, WA
Author, Rules of the Road, Polarizing the Case, Becoming a Trial Lawyer, The Elements of Trial

We all need what Athea Trial Lawyers offers: great trial lawyers whose creativity and out-of-the-box ideas are game changers. I have successfully relied on Lisa Blue’s ingenuity and genius ideas for years–and this consolidation of like-minded women blows my mind. We need more women in important trials–and Athea Trial Lawyers will lead the way.

W. Mark Lanier
The Lanier Law Firm, Houston
Internationally recognized as one of the top trial attorneys in the United States who has achieved multiple record-setting verdicts throughout the country

Just like Athea, the goddess of wisdom, courage, inspiration, strength, law and justice, the women who have founded this great organization exemplify those qualities. They strive to encourage those traits in other women and give opportunity for other women to succeed in the courtroom. They lead with caring, skill, and a vision to make a difference In the careers of women trial lawyers.

Mary Alexander
Mary Alexander & Associates, P.C.
Past President, American Association for Justice and the Consumer Attorneys of California

Women are an invaluable resource at trial and so important to our legal profession. The jurors need to hear a compelling story at trial–and telling that winning story is what Athea Trial Lawyers do.

Brian J. Panish
Panish Shea & Boyle LLP
President, Inner Circle of Advocates

These are among the brightest, most creative, and hard-working trial lawyers I know–and, in joining together, they have assembled an unstoppable dream team. Clients who retain this firm can rest assured that they are represented by some of the most talented, legally savvy attorneys in the country.

Ben Rubinowitz
Gair Gair Conason
Best Lawyer’s “Lawyer of the Year “, 2018, 2017, 2016 and 2013

At last, a group of brilliant, dynamic, successful women lawyers working together; there is absolutely nothing they can’t do!

Shawn Holley
Kinsella Weitzman Iser Kamp & Aldisert LLP
Nationally recognized entertainment, business and criminal attorney

In the spirit of Greek Mythology, Athea is the only warrior you need inside your Trojan horse 'gift' to the defense! When I brought my case to Athea, I assure you the Defendant thought the Plaintiff was handing it a gift, a young female solo attorney who did not have a big team and objectively was not as seasoned as our successful colleagues, that they would beat at war using their hefty resources. Athea brought in all the resources we needed in a creative and strategic manner to win the war for our client with the utmost grace and professionalism. I am forever grateful to Ms. Chang and Athea Trial Lawyers!

April N. Bonifatto
Law Office of April N. Bonifatto, Las Vegas Nevada

Slide Girl has been a total game changer for me. Countless times Deborah and her team have helped me in strategizing on cases and producing compelling, state of the art visuals to tell a compelling story. The results are fantastic. The peace of mind in having Slide Girl on the team is priceless!

Gregory L. Bentley
Bentley & More LLP


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