Bringing Your Stories to Life

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Join us for our monthly webinar in which we brainstorm, distill, and discuss your cases–and present innovative ways to show and tell each story by using cutting edge slides, graphics, demonstratives, videos, animations, and even remote virtual focus groups. 

Do you have an interesting or challenging case? Is trial just around the corner? Could you use a fresh perspective on the story of your case? Submit your case to us by completing and submitting the attached form. We will contact you if we need further information. 

Each month, we will select one or two or more interesting cases and present our version of their stories using the collective brainstorming and creativity of our Athea Trial Lawyers, innovative slides, graphics, and demonstratives from Slide Girl, and/or any results of our own Virtual Courtroom remote focus groups. 

Join us–and we can collaborate together on these important cases. 

Submit Your Case for the Webinar

Pleases submit any photographs, diagrams or documents you would like to include with your submission by emailing them (include case title) to: